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I'm a 30-something woman experimenting with taste, texture and general noms.  My husband and I love spending time together in our kitchen and thought we would share some of our fun with you.

I'm enjoying making up new recipes and putting my own spin on some old ones.  The Dragon and I enjoy at least one night a week of trying something new and different, and we decided to share some of them with you.  This blog is basically my online recipe book which the Dragon and I are compiling for our little family, and are sharing with you all.  I tend to have food on my mind a lot....so I'm always thinking of flavour combinations and things I'd love to try.  I also get inspired from eating out at cafes and restaurants.  My usual process is to start with either inspiration or what my own instincts tell me. Next I add some research and I come up with my own recipe based on my ideas, experiences and the results of my research.  Then I make it and post it here to inspire you to try things yourself.

Please use my recipes as a starting point for negotiations for your OWN recipes.  I usually try to include some potential spins/ideas to change it up and make it your own.  But if you are not comfortable/confident in doing that yet, feel free to follow them to a tee.

Recently I've been including nutritional pannels for my recipes. Please use these as an estimate only. I calculate them using an online recipe nutrition calculator, so they may not always be 100% accurate.

I hope that you find this site fun and interesting, but most of all I hope that it inspires you to try new and different ideas in your own kitchen.

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